Future of Food – Research and knowledge transfer on the topic of human nutrition is being discussed globally. As the demand for food will increase more than the available arable land, an openness for new technologies must be assumed. Concepts like Vertical Indoor Farming can contribute to this?Artikel Lesen

Indoor farming, the new technical term for an „alternative agriculture under glass“ is the strategy to design effectively, reduce costs and answer the questions of the time. How does the system work and what are the benefits to transform agriculture and protect the climate?Artikel Lesen

About 75 percent make their living directly from agriculture, as well as marketing and processing the produce. Products grown include beans, sorghum (millet), cassava, maize, sweet potatoes, tomatoes carrots, kale, peanuts and tropical fruits for example – Rwanda as an example of successful change.Artikel Lesen

Africa points to a rapid rise in biodegradable products. Here, castor oil is considered a miracle cure. GrowExpress Ltd. focuses on the cultivation of castor trees, thus ensuring a successful future for small farmers in Africa.Artikel Lesen

Heinrich Barth undertook a lengthy journey through Africa to educate the world about the continent’s fascination. How GrowExpress, with its concept of block farming, is achieving agricultural success in Nigeria and providing a future for local smallholder farmers.Artikel Lesen

Africa in the role of the burgeoning star of the world. Poverty and prosperity should no longer be the issues. GrowExpress wants to use block farming to secure basic nutrition and give farmers a livelihood again.Artikel Lesen

Cassava is among the world’s most important crops. GrowExpress Ltd. relies on the miracle tuber cassava in its model farm. From seed to harvest is a long way, as we all know, but cassava feeds the world. An article by Moritz Bausch with the CEO of GrowExpress Ltd.Artikel Lesen

In agriculture, the castor tree is an ideal candidate. Its seeds contain the special castor oil, which finds its use in a wide variety of applications from animal feed to fertilizer to the food industry. The castor tree is native to Africa, where it can realize its full potential. An interview with Thomas Wegener CEO GrowExpress Ltd.Artikel Lesen